(DCJS 01I) Concepts and Principles of Officer Survival (DCJS 01I) [Online Course]

About (DCJS 01I) Concepts and Principles of Officer Survival (DCJS 01I) [Online Course]


DCJS 01I Concepts and Principles of Officer Survival course is held once a quarter at Corporate Omniplex. Academy 90 provides an alternative by allowing individuals to fully complete the course online. Completion of this course is required for a DCJS Unarmed registration.


During this course, you will learn about the type of assaults and deaths law enforcement officers encounter while performing their duties. Data presented in this course was collected from 2008 – 2011. Although this data reflects assaults on law enforcement officers, security officers experience similar violent encounters with violent offenders during the course of their employment.

This course is designed to provide officers with the knowledge and understanding of the principles and concepts of basic officer survival. The intent of this course is not to delve into the specific skill sets associated with the practical interactive scenario-based training, such as "active shooter" responses to crimes of violence. The focus of this training will pertain to the general principles and concepts of officer safety and survival awareness.

Who Should Take This Course?

No prerequisite knowledge is required for this course. Individuals applying for DCJS Unarmed Officer registration are required to complete this course. Individuals wanting to maintain their DCJS Unarmed Officer registration must complete this course once every two years.

Course Breakdown

This course contains 8 chapters. Each chapter contains several pages of content. Read each page and then take the quiz at the end of each chapter. There is also a final quiz at the end of the course. The online course is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace with no time limit to completing the course. You can even stop and come back to the course later. Academy 90 saves your progress as you complete the course.

Course Assessment

Complete this course by earning a 70% or higher on each quiz. If you do not earn a 70% or higher on a quiz you will be marked for a failed attempted. You are only allowed 3 attempts to pass a quiz. You will not be reimbursed if you fail the course.

Important, when you click the register button at the end, only click it once. Clicking the register button more than once will charge you multiple times. Please contact us if you see this error.

Class Dates and Times

Must complete within 30 days after registration





The deadline for registering (Wednesday, February 17, 2016) has passed.