1. Will Academy90 courses count for renewal registration credit with Virginia's Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)?  Yes, many--but not all--of our courses are approved for security officer in-service credit.  The course descriptions will let you know which ones are approved by DCJS.
  2. If I take a course for DCJS credit, how will they know I completed it?  DCJS will automatically be notified upon your successful completion of a course designated for DCJS credit. 
  3. Do you offer online courses for entry-level DCJS credit?  No, currently DCJS does not approve any entry-level courses for DCJS credit.  However, we do offer onsite courses that are approved.
  4. Does Academy 90 plan on offering other DCJS-approved courses for other private security categories?  Yes, we are in the process of developing additional courses to meet all security training needs.  Please check back often and/or sign up for our Twitter feed and email newsletter.